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Coronavirus Update as of 3/2/21


We are excited to announce that we are open and seeing patients for comprehensive care!

As trained medical professionals, our team's dedication to maintaining a safe environment, through rigorous infection control, has always allowed us to have a sterile environment in place. We have recently added some new rules and guidelines that will be incorporated into our day. These guidelines will only serve to further ensure the safety or our patients and our team.

We welcome all questions and concerns you may have and again look forward to welcoming you back to our office.

Please see below for new office rules and guidelines.

  • Team members will be tested for COVID-19 prior to opening.
  • Team members will wear additional personal protection equipment (PPE). Our PPE will include face shields, appropriate masks for different procedures, head caps, appropriate gowns for different procedures, gloves, and protective eyewear. Clean masks will be worn by team members between patients and outside of procedure rooms, in addition to during treatment.
  • Patients must wear masks when arriving and when leaving. Patients will be asked to bring a mask; if one is not available, a mask will be provided.
  • Temperature checks and screening will occur for all staff and patients. Sick team members and patients will not be allowed inside the office.
  • If patients have someone that is driving them or riding with them to the appointment, this person must stay in the vehicle. Caregivers or parents can be called when the patient is ready if we need help to transport the patient.
  • Social Distancing. Staff and patients will maintain the recommended six feet distance when out of the patient rooms at all times. We have closed our waiting room and break room to patients and staff.
  • We have provided additional hand sanitizer stations at both the staff and patient entrances/exits.
  • Staff will continue to practice CDC hand washing procedures.
  • Treatment rooms, as well as high-touch common surfaces, will be thoroughly disinfected between each patient. Additional barriers will be used in treatment rooms and changed between patients. We will schedule extra time between each patient to accommodate our stringent infection control procedures.
  • Patients will use a pre-rinse at the beginning of each appointment.
  • Patient treatment will look different. Please be understanding and accommodating. Hygiene visits will have restrictions on certain types of treatment. Dental visits will utilize isolation devices when appropriate for the treatment being done, to minimize aerosols.
  • Air filtration units will be present in each treatment room and around the office.

Every action of our team is designed to be in the best interest of both our patients and our team. We appreciate patience during this time of change and look forward to seeing our patients once more!

Jack T. Wilson, III, DMD
Laura Hayman Fizer, DMD